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Have you ever caught yourself focusing on your failures and not your successes? Logically, we know not to do this, but emotionally, we tend to. Leaders train themselves to focus on the wins, and learn from the failures - and not to dwell on them. This podcast reminds us to learn from the mistakes we make, and dwell on the successes.

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Bring out the best in yourself by being lavish in your praise. Most people will respond much better to praise than criticism. Find something to praise, and you'll see the faults begin to vanish.

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We all know someone that has had a profound influence for the better in our lives. This podcast encourages us to be that person for someone. 


Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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All of us from time to time have thoughts that drag us down. The difference in winners and losers in the game of life is largely determined by our thoughts. This podcast encourages us to control our thinking, and not to let circumstances in our lives dictate our long term view of the future.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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In the hustle-bustle world we live in, it is too easy to forget the importance of giving appreciation to others. Don't wait until they can't hear you say it to wish you had.

This week's Power Pods reminds us to Do It Now: Give the other the appreciation they crave while you still can.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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All of us have been burned by someone we trusted. Carrying that pain to other relationships will stunt the growth of those relationships. Learning to trust and not only builds relationships but also deepens those relationships into meaningful bonds.  This week's Power Pod discussed the importance of building this trust.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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You might have heard someone speak of a positive mindset as "unrealistic thinking", or a "pie in the sky" mentality. That was most likely said by someone that thought a positive attitude amounts to "wishful thinking" instead of the more accurate description: Seeking a positive outcome in spite of difficult situations.

Great leaders are not always dealt "positive situations" in life. In fact, the reason they become great leaders is the fact they have overcome obstacles that others did not. This week's podcast will help focus attention on being an optimist even when situations are not positive.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes.

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We all have standards that are either set for us, or we set for ourselves. What is the standard you have set regarding yourself? This week's podcasts reflects advice from one of America's most iconic leaders.

Power Pods: Positive thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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The things that you direct your attention upon will become the focus of your magnifying glass. Are you focused on things that matter? Or is it a critical, destructive focus that finds fault? This podcast will help you focus on the things that matter.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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People are not born "great". It is what they do with the opportunities they create for themselves that make the difference. This week's Power Pod deals with that difference, and what we can do to empower ourselves with it.

Power Pods: Positive Thoughts on Powerful Quotes!

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