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Many times we are faced with challenges that are out of our control. The loss of a loved one, the loss of our house or possessions, the loss of a job due to lay offs or other factors. Feelings of loss can be devastating. Grieving is a natural emotion and is not the curse some people allow it to be. But learning to accept the things we cannot change is a key step in beginning to heal. Not simply giving in to despair, but learning to accept situations or events we cannot change is a fundamental element of beginning to move on in life after challenges have altered our plans.

Power Pods - Empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!

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One of the most revered and respected leaders of the last century, Winston Churchill, had to face a danger most of his predecessors had never encountered: a complete and total takeover of his country by enemy forces. Tremendous pressure was on Churchill to guide his country in an evil and dark period in British history.  Think you're facing danger and just a little stress?  Take this message from Churchill to heart. It may help yours!

Power Pods: empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!

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Sadly, many of us stop dreaming when we are young.  Life somehow distracts us, or perhaps sidelines our plans with injury, trama, health or other issues that take our eyes off what we once held as an important goal.  Don't let those things keep you from dreaming new dreams!  Life is still yet to be lived, and sometimes, you'll surprise yourself as to what you can accomplish. Don't let "The Real World" squash your world!

Power Pods: empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!


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Have the courage to be yourself. So often, we recognise the traits in others that we admire, and see the same trait lacking in ourselves. However, others are seeing our strengths and wishing they had what we possess!  One of the great accomplishments any of us can achieve is to be comfortable with our own strengths, and be ourselves. Accept our weaknesses and live with them? No! Take a good inventory of our strengths, and set a plan to work on our weaknesses. But, in the process, don't try to be someone you aren't. This podcast gives a good example of that!

Power Pods: empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!


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All of us face challenges. The difference is in how we handle them. What do we chose to do when challenges seem to overwhelm us?  Facing fear and determining your course of action is a decision, and one that leaders face often.  After all, leaders are the one's in front where they can see the untamed challenges ahead better than the rest. Learn to lean forward.

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Sometimes stress can overtake even the strongest of us. How do you control stress instead of it controlling you? Worry, fear and anxiety is a form of negative goal setting: thinking of the things you DON'T want to happen. Here's a tip to help manage those thoughts.

Power Pods: empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!

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Building teams starts with building individuals. You build people by learning to coach not criticise. Criticism destroys confidence and weakens teams. Look toward what is being done well, and build on that.



Power Pods: empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!

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